Monday, 19 November 2012



1) Write 11/3 as a mixed number. 32/3
2) 4+73 = 0
  3) A straight line from the centre of a circle to the circumference0.64 km
3) 0.36+ 6800  = 1
4) Round 6842 to the nearest 100. $210
5) Calculate the cost of 50 candles if one candle cost $4.20.
6) Match these words with their meanings: a) 2 b)3 c)1
a)  Circumference
b)  Radius
c)  Diameter
7) 1.2km − 800m = 0.4km
8) What is the perimeter of the shape above? 70mm
9) What is the area of the shape above? 10.160 mins
10) Sandy is painting a fence. She does 2m2 every 10 minutes. If the fence is 20m long and 1.6m high. How long will it take her to
paint the fence? 2hr 40mins

C.E quiz Wk6T4.pdf


A) Log flume.

C) A partial solar eclipse.

d) To protect babies from children.

a) Venice.

d) succsessful musican.

a) prince William and Kate.

b) Cold Play

b) End of the rainbow

b) 5.3%

d) net n' run


Sunday, 11 November 2012


1) If the rule is;   ‘× 3, subtract 3’ complete this pattern:  5,(12, 33, 96, 285)

2) 8 ( 4 × 2 ) – 4 ( 2 + 9 ) = (20)

3) What is the highest common factor of 24 & 32? (4x6, 6x8) 

4) Write this number in digits: 
Two million, six hundred and forty (2,000,640)
 five thousand two hundred and eighty three (5,283)

5) Dillon has a bowl of 38 cherries. He divides them up between himself and 4 friends.  The rule is: divide the number of cherries by the number of people and any left over cherries get added to his amount.  How many cherries does Dillon 
get? (10)

6) What is the abbreviation for …
a) millilitres (ml)
b) litres (l)
c) kilolitres (kl)

7) 7200ml   = (7.21 l)

8) 7165 litres – 4.5kl =(2.665 kl)

9) Would you use millilitres, litres or kilolitres to measure the volume of water in a small lake? (kilolitres)

10)  Gail needs to squeeze 1kg of oranges to get 300ml of orange juice.  If she wants 2.7 litres of orange juice, how many kg of oranges will she need to squeeze? (9)

The Fall of the Berlin Wall.pdf


1.What political beliefs did…
a) East Germany have? (Answer)
b) West Germany have?

2. Who was responsible for the construction of the Berlin Wall?
During the 1950’s many people living in Eastern Germany wanted to experience the freedom of living in the West. 

3. How long was the Berlin Wall? 
Berlin Wall began in 1961. 

4. What were some of the measures taken to stop people escaping over the Wall?
Kennedy visited Berlin to show America's support for those  blocked in by the Wall and to argue that the Wall should be taken down.  

5.  In what year did the Berlin Wall come down?

The country that had been divided 
in two was able to resolve most of its political differences
and became united on October 3, 1990.


6. Following World War II, which of these 
countries were communist?
Belgium (answer)


1) Disney has recently purchased which movie 
a) Toy Story (Answer)
b) Star Wars
c) Lord of the Rings
d) Transformers

2) Which popular sporting event was cancelled last week?

a) The Indy 500
b) The Melbourne Cup
c) The New York Marathon (Answer)
d) The America’s Cup

3) This elephant has recently made headlines because it can…

a) Speak Korean
b) Shoot water 500m from its trunk (Answer)
c) Walk on eggshells without breaking them
d) Hum the tune to ‘Lion King’

4) Who was elected president of the US last week?

a) Barack Obama
b) Mitt Romney (Answer)
c) Hillary Clinton
d) John Key

5) The world’s rarest whale has been sighted in NZ. What is it called? 

a) The Spade-toothed beaked whale
b) The Sei whale (Answer)
c) The Bowhead whale
d) The Sowerby’s beaked whale

6) Which NZ company has just been taken over by Chinese company, ‘Haier’?

a) The Warehouse
b) Kathmandu
c) Fisher & Paykel 
d) Whitcoulls (Answer)

7) The winning horse in last week’s Melbourne Cup was…

a) Phar Lap
b) Fiorente
c) Jakkalberry
d) Green Moon

8) History was made when a man climbed 103 floors of a sky scraper with …

a) A transplanted heart
b) Eye implants
c) An iron lung
d) A bionic Leg

9) What is the NZ Baseball team called?
a) The Black Bats
b) The Black Sox
c) The Diamond Blacks
d) The Black Knights

10) Last week the Royal Commission made 16 recommendations following which NZ tragedy?

a) The Pike River mine explosion
b) The Christchurch earthquakes
c) The Carterton hot air ballooning accident
d) The Foveaux Strait fishing tragedy

Sunday, 4 November 2012



1)  What disaster devastated parts of the USA last week?
a) A hurricane                                                                           Hurricane.
b) A bushfire                                     
c) An earthquake                                       
d) A Tsunami                                               

2) Sculptures of what have been placed on top of  the NZ Post building?                          
a) Hobbits                                                                                 Hobbits 
b) Native trees
c) Native birds
d) Rugby players

3) A giant trampoline has been constructed as a fun way of crossing which river?
a) The Waikato River
b) The Ganges River
c) The River Thames
d) The River Seine                                                                   The River Seine

4) This month is ‘Movember’ in which men can get sponsored for doing what?
a) Mowing lawns
b) Shaving their heads
c) Growing a moustache                                                        Growing a moustache
d) Doing all the housework

5) What is significant about the number 4 444 444?
a) It was the NZ population last Thursday                            It was the NZ population last Thursday
b) It is the Lotto Powerball Jackpot
c) It is 1st prize for the  2012 Melbourne Cup winner
d) It was the number of people without power following Hurricane 

6) Which country is having an election this week?
a) Australia
b) The United States of America                                          The United States of America
c) France
d) Israel

7) Which fruit crop in NZ is at risk from a disease called Psa-V?
a) Strawberries
b) Apples
c) Grapes
d) Kiwifruit                                                                          Kiwifruit

8) Why was this picture in the news recently?
a) A clown convention was held in Mexico                        A clown convention was held in Mexico
b) 45% of people are scared of clowns
c) A clown school has opened up in Nelson
d) Clowns sleep longer than other people

9) Wellington Phoenix footballer, Ben Sigmund, received a red card when playing which team last week?
a) Brisbane Roar
b) Perth Glory
c) Adelaide United                                                             Adelaide United
d) Newcastle Jets

10) Last week, a 7.7 earthquake hit the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of which country?
a) Finland
b) Canada                                                                         Canada
c) England
d) United States of America

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Guy Fawkes.pdf


1. Why did Guy Fawkes want to blow up Parliament? In 1605,  England was divided because of religion. Queen Elizabeth I  was the Head of the Church of England and she punished and executed Catholics who had different beliefs to her. When she died, Catholics danced in the streets and celebrated her death. James was to become King and he had promised the Catholics that he would treat them better.  However, King James did not keep his promise and  to add to the problem, Parliament was also against the Catholics so things remained difficult for them.2. Why did the ‘Gunpowder Plot’ fail? The delay was one of the reasons the plot failed.3. Where was Guy Fawkes arrested? The other plotters were hunted down and shot or executed4. When did the tradition of lighting bonfires start? 5th of November5. Children made ‘effigies’ of Guy Fawkes. What is an ‘effigy’? A representation or image especially sculptured, as an a monument



1.) Write 4/100 as a decimal (answer .04)

2) 3x2+6-5   =  (answer 7)
3) What is ¾ of 48? (answer 36)
4) √121 (answer 11)

5)     Sally placed a bet on a horse in the Melbourne Cup.  Her horse won and she got $2.30 for every dollar she gambled.  If she gambled $12, how much money did she collect? (answer $27.60)

7) 6.3 kg   = (answer 6,300g)
8) 6 kg − 4200g  =  (answer 1.8kg)
9) Would you use milligram, gram or kg to measure the weight of a cake of soap? (answer gram)
10)  Local farmers had a pumpkin growing contest. The weight of the pumpkins were: 46kg, 38 000g, 44kg and 47 000g. What was the total weight of the pumpkins (in kg)? (answer 175kg)

Monday, 29 October 2012


1) Fill in the missing symbols: (×, ÷, −, +)6  x  5  +  8  =  383) Write this time as am or pm:20:45 (answer 8:00)2) Write this number in words:2 583 461 (answer five hundred eighty three thousand four hundred and sixty one)4) Double this number:  389 (answer 778)5) Toni wanted to buy a kayak.It cost $860.  She had saved up 20%of this.  How much more money did she need to save? (answer 668)6)  What fraction is shaded on the right? (answer 8/12)
7) What is:  a) 1/4 of 20?  b) 3/4 of 20? (answer a = 5 b = 15)8) Write 0.23 as a fraction (answer 2/5)9) Write an equivalent fraction for 2/3 (answer 10)  If ⅓ of the ‘Gangnam Style’ music video is 1 min (answer16 sec, how long is the whole video? (answer 3 min 48) 



1. Name the 3 wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last 3 Rugby World Cup winners.
3. Name the last 3 winners of the Miss NZ contest.
4. Name 5 people who have won the Nobel Prize.
5. Name the last 3 Academy Award winners for best actor or actress
6. Name the last 5 NZ prime ministers.


1. Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet.
2. 1987 - New Zealand 1991- Australia 1995 - South Africa.
3. Talia Bennett, Priyani Puketapu, Ria Van Dyke. 
4. European Union, (EU) Ellen Johnson, Liu Xiaobo.
5.  Spencer Tracy, Janet Gaynor, Fredric March.
6. Henry Sewell, William Fox, Edward Stafford.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

History of Halloween.pdf

Halloween Questions

1. Who were the first people to begin  celebrating Halloween?

2. What were 3 of the traditions of the Samhain Festival?

3. What animals were considered evil in medieval times?

4. What were people offered if they prayed for others’ dead relatives?

5. A Jack-o-lantern is made from a pumpkin. In Europe it was originally made from what vegetable?

6. In Mexico, what do people do to their homes to honour the dead?

Halloween Answers

1. Europe.

2. November 1 is set aside to honour dead children, and November 2 to honour those who died as adults.

3. Dogs.

4. Pumpkins.

5. Turnips.


C.E Quiz Wk3T4.pdf

Week 3 Term 4

1) Kayaker, Lisa Carrington, is competing in the World Champs for what sport next month?

a) Kayaking (answer)

b) Surf Lifesaving

c) Water skiing

d) Board sailing

2) A British company has discovered a method for making petrol from…

a) Leaves

b) Plastic (answer)

c ) Water

d) Air

3) From November 1st people caught littering could receive a fine of up to how much?

a) $50

b) $100  (answer)

c) $400

d) $1000

4) Where is this photo taken?

a) Olympic Stadium

b) The Colosseum

c) The Wailing Wall

d) Mecca  (answer)

5) Which All Black legend died last week?

a) Sir Colin Meads

b) Sir Wilson Whineray

c) George Nepia  (answer)

d) Sir Fred Allen

6) A small tornado hit which West Coast town last week?

a) Hector

b) Stillwater  (answer)

c) Hokitika

d) Blackball

 7) What is the name of this movie?

a) Transylvania

b) The Monsters

c) Frankenweenie  (answer)

d) Scary Story

8) To  get money from a soup company, a man lied by claiming he found what in his tin of soup?

a) A spider  (answer)

b) A piece of glass

c) A false fingernail

d) A syringe

9) M&M’s have  made headlines recently because…

a) They were voted the world’s most popular sweet

b) There are plans to introduce striped M&M’s

c) Waste products from an M&M factory have turned bees’ honey blue and green

d) 20 million M&M’s went rolling down a hill after an M&M truck crashed  (answer)

10) Where was the Triathlon World Series Grand Final held last week?

a) Sydney  (answer)

b) Auckland

c) Wellington

d) Perth

Monday, 15 October 2012



1) 200 x 46 = (9200)
2) Write 7 as two prime numbers (5+2)
3)  12 + 19 = (31)
4) A supermarket purchased 200 individually wrapped chocolates for $300. How much did each chocolate cost? ($1.50)  
5) Convert 0.28 to a percentage. (28%)
6)  Convert 75% to a decimal. (.75)
7) Write ⅗ as a percentage.(60%)
8)  Calculate 50% of 90. (45)
9) Mabel scored 46 out of 100 in a spelling test.Write this as a %. (46%)

10) The Blythe family want to purchase a trampoline. It costs $680.  If they pay a deposit of 15%, how much deposit do they pay? ($102)

Martin Luther King.pdf

Discussion Questions 
1. What was Martin Luther King’s first name at birth?
2. In what situations were black and white people treated differently in the 1950’s and 60’s?
They were racist to each other. 
3. What did Rosa Parks refuse to do in 1955?
This boycott began with the refusal of a black woman.
4. How many people attended the march on Washington?

He organized the March on Washington in 1963 which 
brought together more than 200,000 people.

5 What was the name of Martin Luther King’s famous speech?
I have a dream speech.
6 How old was Martin Luther King when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
48 years old.

C.E Quiz Wk1 T4.pdf

1) What did archaeologists recently find in an ancient Aztec temple?

A) 50humanskulls,
b) 9Papyrusdrawings,
c) 13 preserved mummies, (answer) c).
d) 70 dinosaur bones,

2) As of next year, UN Ll what age must children remain in car restraints?

a)      6 years old, 
b)      7 years old,
c)      8 years old,
d)      9 years old, (answer) d).

3) By sky diving from the edge of space, one man aims to be the first  to do what?

a) Break the sound barrier, (answer) a).
b) Break the rules of gravity,
c) Perform 100 back flips in a row,
d) Travel faster than the speed of light.

4) Adele has written the theme song for which movie?

a) The Hobbit,
b) James Bond – Skyfall,
c) Twilight Breaking Dawn,
d) The Lone Ranger. (answer) d).

5) What do ‘The Cowboy’ and ‘The Horse’ have in common?

a)      They are names of WWF wrestlers,
b)      They are Clint Eastwood movie titles, 
c)      They are dance moves from the ‘Gangnam Style’ music video, (answer) c)
d)      They are popular surfing terms,

6) The All Blacks have played and beat all 3 teams in the 2012 Rugby Championship. Which teams did they play?

a) South Africa, Australia & England,
b) Australia, England & Wales,
c) Argentina, Australia & South Africa, (answer) c)
d) Ireland, Australia & Argentina.

7) Recently, a landslide caused a school to slip and collapse in which country?

a) Bolivia,
b) Turkey,
c) Peru, (answer) c)
d) China.

8) The voice of Mavis in ‘Hotel Transylvania’ belongs to…

a)      Demi Lovato, (answer) a)
b)      Selena Gomez,
c)      Miley Cyrus,
d)      Kristen Stewart.

9) At least 2 children in NZ each week swallow what dangerous item?

a) Chicken bones,
b) Marbles,
c) False fingernails,
d) Button Batteries. (answer) d)

10) Who is this?

a)      Formula one driver, Brendon Hartley, 
b)      Motorcross champion, Levi Sherwood, (answer) b)
c)      Freeski champion, Jossi Wells,
d)      Surfer, Maz Quinn.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

maths week 11

1) Use these 4 digits to make up a number closest to 4000: 2 5 3 4  4235
2) Fill in the missing symbols: ×, ÷, + or – 3 - 6 +2 = 20 ×, +
3) Write in digits the number: three million four hundred and twenty six thousand two hundred and fourteen 3,426,214
4) What is the total value of the 9 in: 3 972 468? 900 000
5) Craig owns a bouncy castle which he hires out for parties.  The cost of hiring the castle is $80 per hour.  If Craig made $3 680 in September, how many hours was the bouncy castle hired out for in September? 46

7) Write an equivalent fraction for 2/5? 4/10

8) 5.362 × 100 536.2

9) Write this time in 24 hour clock time:

21:30 9:30pm

10)  Let’s say the juges of ‘X Factor’ auditioned 420  people.  If 150 people made it through to the next round, what fraction of people made it through? Write this fraction in its simplest form. 5/14

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

current events part four

Teenager admits laser attack on aircraft

WHO - Who was it involved? Pravikash Chandra, 18


 WHY - Why did this happen? When the police helicopter was sent to investigate about 10.15pm, it too was allegedly targeted.


WHAT - What happened? A teenager has pleaded guilty to aiming a laser at the cabins of three commercial aircraft and the police Eagle helicopter in Auckland earlier this year.


HOW - How did it happen? Pravikash Chandra, 18, appeared in Manukau District Court this morning to plead to four charges of endangering transport


WHERE - Where did it happen? Airplane


current events part two

Apps that last the distance

WHO - Who was it involved? Max Webster  

WHY - Why did this happen? You can shut your eyes and drift off, but while you're conscious, at least you brain has something to engage with. It's so much better than just sitting there listening to aircraft noise. There is a new Podcasts app from Apple, but I must admit I haven't tried it, as I have a lot of feeds and I can't be bothered entering them all into a new App to resubscribe to them all.

WHAT - What happened? I regulary download apps but I usually either end up deleting them or reglating them into other distance screen or folder.

HOW - How did it happen? I do a lot of my podcast-listening while I cycle or walk - so I use the app Awareness, too. Awareness measures ambient noise (or set the level yourself) and lets through any sounds above a threshold. A car horn or a shout comes through the mic into your earbuds or headphones. This is also handy for flights, since it doesn't let the usual aeroplane noise through but you can hear announcements.   

WHERE - Where did it happen? In Max's phone. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

current events part three

'Tired' Justin Bieber set to land in NZ

WHO - Who was it involved? Justin Bieber


WHY - Why did this happen? Justin Bieber says he is "tired" ahead of his highly anticipated New Zealand visit.


WHAT - What happened? Bieber, reportedly set to land in

 Auckland at 11.40pm tonight for a three-day promotional visit,

 did what security and police could not during Wednesday

 morning's Sunrise performance - persuade thousands of teenage

 fans to step back for their own safety.


HOW - How did it happen? Later on he tweeted: "that was incredible ... but now IM TIRED> but i love u Australia. gonna meet with some special kids right now" (sic).


WHERE - Where did it happen?New Zealand

current events part one

Golf Can Woods Brake Major Drought?

WHO - Who was it involved? Tiger Woods


WHY - Why did this happen? It was his first major after the death of his father, and he sobbed on the shoulder of his caddie and his wife, both of whom are no longer with him. There was no discussion about No. 1 in the world because Woods' point average was nearly double that of Phil Mickelson.


WHAT - What happened? Tiger Woods' last trip to northwest England for the British Open ended in a two-shot win at Royal Liverpool.


HOW - How did it happen? Only it's not that simple. Woods now has gone four years since winning his last major, and he conceded Tuesday that they are not getting any easier to win. Fifteen players have won the last 15 majors, the longest stretch without a multiple winner since 1993 to 1998.


WHERE - Where did it happen? Northwest England for the British Open