Thursday, 1 March 2012


1.There are seven countries that speak Japanese.
2. The countries that speak Japenese are in Asia.
The fowllowing countries that speak Japanese:
China - beijing, 1.34 billion
North Korea - Pyongyong, 243 million
South Korea - Seoul, 49 million
Singapore - Singapore, 5.1million
Philippines - Manila, 93.3 million
Indonesia - Jakarta, 240 million
Vietnam - 87 million
3. I would like to go to China because China is a big country to explore.
4. these are the ten intresting facts about China:
China is the biggest country in Asia. China has the biggest population in the world. China is one of the great wonders of the world.Chinese wildlife includes tigers, leopards, snow leopards, monkeys, yaks and giant pandas. The birdlife includes peacocks, parrots, cranes and storks. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant which can grow up to one metre a day. Its eaten by Pandas,China produces fish such as cod, tuna and dolphin, prawns and also freshwater fish.Cormorants are used by some fishermen on the rivers to catch fish for them.China is among the world's largest producers of cotton and Silk production has been an important part of the Chinese economy for thousands of years.

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