Thursday, 29 March 2012

     My Highlights On Camp

Day 1

The most fun and funniest one was action. There was a red peaceful sleeping bag on the bed when suddenly a boy tackled it which was me. I was still fighting it when somebody got me by the shirt it was… Vince he was the one who was recording the whole thing. He through the red sleeping bag to my face and BAM!!! It hit my face and fell down the floor. I tried to get up but I was too tired and died.

Day 2

At sailing the whole of W and V went down to the beach. It was so awesome we had life jackets on and wetsuits on Vince and I partnered up together. Vince and I waited and waited until the next sailing boat was free. Vince and I quickly went in and climbed up the sailing boat. Vince was doing all the stirring and I was doing the sailing part. Our bout tipped over and Vince and I jumped off.

Day 3

The one that I won’t forget was climbing wall. Because I made it all the way to the top for the slab. But for vertical one it was a bit harder I didn’t make it and I tried vertical two I didn’t make it too.

Day 4

The one I wouldn’t ever forget is the way back home by the ferry. It was a very awesome and long journey to go back to the ferry stop

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