Thursday, 26 April 2012

Attitude #8; Creativity

Aj Hackett

Aj Hackett was born in New Zealand. He took the school called Westlake Boys High School. He left the school when he was 16 years old. And then when he grew up, he took snowboarding and skiing.

He showed his cretivity when he used land diving from the island Vanuatu as his inspiration for bungee jumping.It is so awesome because he was the first one to develop bungee jumping in the whole wide world!!!!!!!! In 1988 he jumped off the Auckland Stock Exchange Tower. That was his first ever bungee jump off a building. Two years after he jumped off the 380 meters high from the helicopter. Later on 2000 he then jumped off the Royal Gorge Bridge it is known as the largest suspension bridge in the whole world. 

In all of his bungee jump adventures and outdoor explorations he has also demonstrated the attribute of risk - taker beacuse he was not afraid to invent something even in the midst of danger and difficulty challenges.

Aj Hackett has inspired me to be creative, I have to learn to be a risk - taker as well. It may be difficult but I can learn to be creative in my one way. 

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