Monday, 2 April 2012

Dear diary,

I am a very sad and sick whale because today, I  have  seen so much rubbish everywhere I went. There are also loud noises around me coming from all kinds of sea vehicles. I have also tasted oil from all the drilling underneath the sea. Now there is a new problem I am facing called carbon emission.

    Carbon emissions are rising and they are making the oceans hard for me to breathe. Even my friends are getting sick and dying. Carbon emission makes the water acidic. “When this happens and the temperature of the seawater rises it prevents the ocean to absorb low-frequency sounds, so noise travels further. This causes deafness, beaching and loss of habitat. As marine mammals we need quieter surroundings.”

    I hope those of you who are reading my diary can help me get better by not throwing and leaving rubbish in the sea. Do not use unnecessary water vehicles where I normally live and stay along with my family and friends. Please  let us live peacefully in our place in athe big ocean world.

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