Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hard words To Spell

1.     Pessimistic - a tendency to stress the negative or unfavorable or to take the gloomiest possible view.

Synonyms: Gloomy, distrustful, cynical, glum, unenthusiastic

2.     Sentimental - resulting from or colored by emotion rather than reason or realism.

Synonyms: over-romantic, sappy, corny, gushy, emotional

3.     Ignominious - marked by shame or disgrace

Synonyms:  humiliating, embarrassing, shameful, dishonorable, disreputable

4.     Asymmetrical - having no balance or symmetry

Synonyms: irregular, lop-sided, uneven, unbalanced, uneven

5.     Auspicious - attended by favorable circumstances

Synonyms: favorable, promising, positive, fortunate, good

6.     Clandestine – kept or done in secret, often in order to conceal an illicit or improper purpose

Synonyms: secret, underground, covert, concealed, stealthy

7.     Communicative – inclined to communicate readily

Synonyms: outgoing, open, forthcoming, talkative, chatty

8.     Impoverished - reduced to poverty; poverty-stricken

Synonyms: poor, broke, insolvent, bankrupt, deprived

9.     Inexperienced - lack of the knowledge gained from experience

Synonyms: green, inexpert, raw, new, innocent

10.                        Opinionated – holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one's own opinions

Synonyms: prejudiced, dogmatic, intolerant, narrow-minded, blinkered

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