Sunday, 22 April 2012

Increased Carbon Dioxide in Plant Growth


To know the effect of increased carbon dioxide in plant growth.


A lot of research and studies has been done on greenhouse effect and global warming. “Scientists have been testing complicated models to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for the past thousands of years.

Their conclusion is that CO2 levels are now at their highest level in centuries. The reasons for this increase in CO2 are several-fold. Most scientists agree that the increase is mainly due to humans and their industrial revolution, which release stored CO2 from underground deposits. Processes like the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and the use of cement are the most direct causes.”  

This investigation will show the effect of increased carbon dioxide in plant growth and if propagation plants can help in improving the harm done by greenhouse effect.

Hypothesis: I think the one with the baking soda and vinegar will grow faster than the one that has without the baking soda and the vinegar.

Independent Variable: Placing the container of baking soda with vinegar beside the peat cup of germinating plants.


Ø Two large soda bottles with the top removed,

Ø Two peat cups to put your plants in,

Ø One small cup or dish,

Ø Several crop seeds,

Ø Potting soil,

Ø Ten grams of baking soda,

Ø Twenty milliliters, vinegar

Ø Thermometer,


Firstly, you get the peat cups and put potting soil in the peat cups. Secondly, you plant the several crop seeds on the potting soil. Next you transfer ten grams of baking soda with twenty milliliters of vinegar and pour it into the small cup or dish. Then you put the small cup or dish next to the plant and do the same in the other plant but without the small cup or dish and the baking soda & vinegar. And then, cover them with one big soda bottles with one big cut on each of them. Last one but not lease, you put the thermometer on the bottles to check what the temperature.


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