Monday, 30 April 2012

Letter to the zoo

Saturday 28 April 2012,

Dear owner of Auckland zoo, 

We need to buy brown kiwis because brown kiwis are threatened by household dogs, cats and stoats.

They are being threatened by disturbing and attacking them.

What I would do to help the kiwis to survive is to provide food like: insect larvae, weta, crickets, centipedes, moths, worms and spiders and may include occasional fruit, berries and leaves. I would also help the kiwis to have a good environment by replicating their habitat in the wild this could be done by setting up a mini – forest – like in the zoo with plants that kiwis want to eat damp gullies in native forest and dense shrub land, they are also found in plantation forest, rough pasture, around wetlands and shrub land with lots of gorse. This would be enclosed with glass structure so that they would not be disturbed by people who visit   

Yours sincerely Charles        

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