Wednesday, 4 April 2012

noise pollution 5.

                             Noise Pollution


Three Questions To Government Leaders About Marine Noise Pollutions  

1. What can the government do to educate the people with the harmful effects of noise pollution to the marine life in New Zealand waters?  

2. What can the government suggest to tourists and the people in the surrounding area to do, so they won’t create noise pollution and disturb sea mammals and other sea animals that live in the protected area?

3. What do you want to remind the person who wants to enjoy watching or having an encounter with sea mammals especially dolphins?

Suggested Answers

1. Make sure they are signs in the protected areas so people would know what to do and not to do when visiting. Also make sure there are enough broachers for people to read and bring home to know about the protected in the marine.

2. Do not circle them, obstruct their path or cut through any group of sea animals. Also make sure you don’t travel to fast within 300 meters of any marine mammals.

3. Make sure you don’t make sudden or repeated changes in direction or speed. Also don’t attempt to swim with groups with calves or juveniles.

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