Friday, 20 April 2012

Title: Don’t Kiss Girls

Author: Pat Flynn

Publisher: Penguin Australia

Place and date of publication: Australia 05/05/2008    

Summary: What happened is there’s this boy whose name is Kane who has a friend named Tony Ross who likes this girl called Ashleigh Simpkins. Kane would always get the girls and would win the bet of Tony and Kane; Tony would get angry at Kane. Kane's little sister likes Tony. When Tony talks in front of the mirror he is smooth but when he does that to girls his brain gets mushy and gets shy. The lesson is not to be forward when dating girls. Tony never had his first date until he did get his first date. He has an older sister and a younger brother. He has a friend called Brains who is very smart that’s because he was named that. Brains always make deals with Tony which the latter usually needs because he wants to get Ashleigh to be his girlfriend. Tony wins the deal and uses them on things but Kane is always ruining it by doing the opposite way because he is not dumb like Gavin and Tony.

Comments: The book is interesting and has awesome description. It is quite disgusting because at the end Tony and Ashleigh kiss but wait, there’s more Ashleigh throws up in Tony’s mouth. And it was so absolutely hilariously funny.

Compare: Nick Arnold is funny but sometimes I don’t get it. But Pat Flynn is stupendously funny. And Nick Arnold has too much detail and description, but Pat Flynn has just the amount of details and description and is always awesome and funny.                         

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