Thursday, 10 May 2012

Positive and Negative views about the Bucklands Beach Walkway

(News Article on Bucklands Beach Walkway)

Toe-nipping crabs are no longer a hazard for those taking the short-cut between Little Bucklands Beach and Half Moon Bay Marina.

A concrete path was yesterday poured to breach the gap in the waterfront promenade between the two east Auckland suburbs.

Seeing the job finished was a dream come true, said resident Barry Keon, who led a campaign to get $780,000 for the walking and cycling path.

"It has not cost ratepayers anything because it comes out of the old Manukau City Council's cash-in-lieu-of-reserve-contribution account, which is from property developers."

A dry shoreline link from Little Bucklands Beach to the marina hardstand had been wanted since the marina opened in the early 1970s.

"This will save Bucklands Beach people having to walk up the hill or catch a bus to get to the new marina shopping centre and ferry terminal."

It also links the coastline walkway from Panmure Bridge to the Mangemangeroa Reserve in Sommerville Rd, Whitford.

2 different perspectives

The walkway is good because it can help people to walk safely and cross on the other side without getting attacked by sea animals. It also protects the people during the high tides. It helps people exercise by walking or biking to get to the other side rather than hop on a car, having said that it prevents air pollution and conserves petrol.

The walkway could be harmful to the marine life in the area because it could have disturbed the creatures during the construction and more disturbances for its completion. There might be also be problems in pollution like noise and water pollution if people are not disciplined with their rubbish disposals.   

My Stand on the walkway

I believe the idea of the bucklands beach walkway is good! I agree that they could walk to the other side. I agree that they could exercise, not waste gas and not pollute the air.

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