Wednesday, 18 July 2012

current events part two

Apps that last the distance

WHO - Who was it involved? Max Webster  

WHY - Why did this happen? You can shut your eyes and drift off, but while you're conscious, at least you brain has something to engage with. It's so much better than just sitting there listening to aircraft noise. There is a new Podcasts app from Apple, but I must admit I haven't tried it, as I have a lot of feeds and I can't be bothered entering them all into a new App to resubscribe to them all.

WHAT - What happened? I regulary download apps but I usually either end up deleting them or reglating them into other distance screen or folder.

HOW - How did it happen? I do a lot of my podcast-listening while I cycle or walk - so I use the app Awareness, too. Awareness measures ambient noise (or set the level yourself) and lets through any sounds above a threshold. A car horn or a shout comes through the mic into your earbuds or headphones. This is also handy for flights, since it doesn't let the usual aeroplane noise through but you can hear announcements.   

WHERE - Where did it happen? In Max's phone. 

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