Monday, 29 October 2012


1) Fill in the missing symbols: (×, ÷, −, +)6  x  5  +  8  =  383) Write this time as am or pm:20:45 (answer 8:00)2) Write this number in words:2 583 461 (answer five hundred eighty three thousand four hundred and sixty one)4) Double this number:  389 (answer 778)5) Toni wanted to buy a kayak.It cost $860.  She had saved up 20%of this.  How much more money did she need to save? (answer 668)6)  What fraction is shaded on the right? (answer 8/12)
7) What is:  a) 1/4 of 20?  b) 3/4 of 20? (answer a = 5 b = 15)8) Write 0.23 as a fraction (answer 2/5)9) Write an equivalent fraction for 2/3 (answer 10)  If ⅓ of the ‘Gangnam Style’ music video is 1 min (answer16 sec, how long is the whole video? (answer 3 min 48) 



1. Name the 3 wealthiest people in the world.
2. Name the last 3 Rugby World Cup winners.
3. Name the last 3 winners of the Miss NZ contest.
4. Name 5 people who have won the Nobel Prize.
5. Name the last 3 Academy Award winners for best actor or actress
6. Name the last 5 NZ prime ministers.


1. Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet.
2. 1987 - New Zealand 1991- Australia 1995 - South Africa.
3. Talia Bennett, Priyani Puketapu, Ria Van Dyke. 
4. European Union, (EU) Ellen Johnson, Liu Xiaobo.
5.  Spencer Tracy, Janet Gaynor, Fredric March.
6. Henry Sewell, William Fox, Edward Stafford.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

History of Halloween.pdf

Halloween Questions

1. Who were the first people to begin  celebrating Halloween?

2. What were 3 of the traditions of the Samhain Festival?

3. What animals were considered evil in medieval times?

4. What were people offered if they prayed for others’ dead relatives?

5. A Jack-o-lantern is made from a pumpkin. In Europe it was originally made from what vegetable?

6. In Mexico, what do people do to their homes to honour the dead?

Halloween Answers

1. Europe.

2. November 1 is set aside to honour dead children, and November 2 to honour those who died as adults.

3. Dogs.

4. Pumpkins.

5. Turnips.


C.E Quiz Wk3T4.pdf

Week 3 Term 4

1) Kayaker, Lisa Carrington, is competing in the World Champs for what sport next month?

a) Kayaking (answer)

b) Surf Lifesaving

c) Water skiing

d) Board sailing

2) A British company has discovered a method for making petrol from…

a) Leaves

b) Plastic (answer)

c ) Water

d) Air

3) From November 1st people caught littering could receive a fine of up to how much?

a) $50

b) $100  (answer)

c) $400

d) $1000

4) Where is this photo taken?

a) Olympic Stadium

b) The Colosseum

c) The Wailing Wall

d) Mecca  (answer)

5) Which All Black legend died last week?

a) Sir Colin Meads

b) Sir Wilson Whineray

c) George Nepia  (answer)

d) Sir Fred Allen

6) A small tornado hit which West Coast town last week?

a) Hector

b) Stillwater  (answer)

c) Hokitika

d) Blackball

 7) What is the name of this movie?

a) Transylvania

b) The Monsters

c) Frankenweenie  (answer)

d) Scary Story

8) To  get money from a soup company, a man lied by claiming he found what in his tin of soup?

a) A spider  (answer)

b) A piece of glass

c) A false fingernail

d) A syringe

9) M&M’s have  made headlines recently because…

a) They were voted the world’s most popular sweet

b) There are plans to introduce striped M&M’s

c) Waste products from an M&M factory have turned bees’ honey blue and green

d) 20 million M&M’s went rolling down a hill after an M&M truck crashed  (answer)

10) Where was the Triathlon World Series Grand Final held last week?

a) Sydney  (answer)

b) Auckland

c) Wellington

d) Perth

Monday, 15 October 2012



1) 200 x 46 = (9200)
2) Write 7 as two prime numbers (5+2)
3)  12 + 19 = (31)
4) A supermarket purchased 200 individually wrapped chocolates for $300. How much did each chocolate cost? ($1.50)  
5) Convert 0.28 to a percentage. (28%)
6)  Convert 75% to a decimal. (.75)
7) Write ⅗ as a percentage.(60%)
8)  Calculate 50% of 90. (45)
9) Mabel scored 46 out of 100 in a spelling test.Write this as a %. (46%)

10) The Blythe family want to purchase a trampoline. It costs $680.  If they pay a deposit of 15%, how much deposit do they pay? ($102)

Martin Luther King.pdf

Discussion Questions 
1. What was Martin Luther King’s first name at birth?
2. In what situations were black and white people treated differently in the 1950’s and 60’s?
They were racist to each other. 
3. What did Rosa Parks refuse to do in 1955?
This boycott began with the refusal of a black woman.
4. How many people attended the march on Washington?

He organized the March on Washington in 1963 which 
brought together more than 200,000 people.

5 What was the name of Martin Luther King’s famous speech?
I have a dream speech.
6 How old was Martin Luther King when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
48 years old.

C.E Quiz Wk1 T4.pdf

1) What did archaeologists recently find in an ancient Aztec temple?

A) 50humanskulls,
b) 9Papyrusdrawings,
c) 13 preserved mummies, (answer) c).
d) 70 dinosaur bones,

2) As of next year, UN Ll what age must children remain in car restraints?

a)      6 years old, 
b)      7 years old,
c)      8 years old,
d)      9 years old, (answer) d).

3) By sky diving from the edge of space, one man aims to be the first  to do what?

a) Break the sound barrier, (answer) a).
b) Break the rules of gravity,
c) Perform 100 back flips in a row,
d) Travel faster than the speed of light.

4) Adele has written the theme song for which movie?

a) The Hobbit,
b) James Bond – Skyfall,
c) Twilight Breaking Dawn,
d) The Lone Ranger. (answer) d).

5) What do ‘The Cowboy’ and ‘The Horse’ have in common?

a)      They are names of WWF wrestlers,
b)      They are Clint Eastwood movie titles, 
c)      They are dance moves from the ‘Gangnam Style’ music video, (answer) c)
d)      They are popular surfing terms,

6) The All Blacks have played and beat all 3 teams in the 2012 Rugby Championship. Which teams did they play?

a) South Africa, Australia & England,
b) Australia, England & Wales,
c) Argentina, Australia & South Africa, (answer) c)
d) Ireland, Australia & Argentina.

7) Recently, a landslide caused a school to slip and collapse in which country?

a) Bolivia,
b) Turkey,
c) Peru, (answer) c)
d) China.

8) The voice of Mavis in ‘Hotel Transylvania’ belongs to…

a)      Demi Lovato, (answer) a)
b)      Selena Gomez,
c)      Miley Cyrus,
d)      Kristen Stewart.

9) At least 2 children in NZ each week swallow what dangerous item?

a) Chicken bones,
b) Marbles,
c) False fingernails,
d) Button Batteries. (answer) d)

10) Who is this?

a)      Formula one driver, Brendon Hartley, 
b)      Motorcross champion, Levi Sherwood, (answer) b)
c)      Freeski champion, Jossi Wells,
d)      Surfer, Maz Quinn.