Monday, 15 October 2012

C.E Quiz Wk1 T4.pdf

1) What did archaeologists recently find in an ancient Aztec temple?

A) 50humanskulls,
b) 9Papyrusdrawings,
c) 13 preserved mummies, (answer) c).
d) 70 dinosaur bones,

2) As of next year, UN Ll what age must children remain in car restraints?

a)      6 years old, 
b)      7 years old,
c)      8 years old,
d)      9 years old, (answer) d).

3) By sky diving from the edge of space, one man aims to be the first  to do what?

a) Break the sound barrier, (answer) a).
b) Break the rules of gravity,
c) Perform 100 back flips in a row,
d) Travel faster than the speed of light.

4) Adele has written the theme song for which movie?

a) The Hobbit,
b) James Bond – Skyfall,
c) Twilight Breaking Dawn,
d) The Lone Ranger. (answer) d).

5) What do ‘The Cowboy’ and ‘The Horse’ have in common?

a)      They are names of WWF wrestlers,
b)      They are Clint Eastwood movie titles, 
c)      They are dance moves from the ‘Gangnam Style’ music video, (answer) c)
d)      They are popular surfing terms,

6) The All Blacks have played and beat all 3 teams in the 2012 Rugby Championship. Which teams did they play?

a) South Africa, Australia & England,
b) Australia, England & Wales,
c) Argentina, Australia & South Africa, (answer) c)
d) Ireland, Australia & Argentina.

7) Recently, a landslide caused a school to slip and collapse in which country?

a) Bolivia,
b) Turkey,
c) Peru, (answer) c)
d) China.

8) The voice of Mavis in ‘Hotel Transylvania’ belongs to…

a)      Demi Lovato, (answer) a)
b)      Selena Gomez,
c)      Miley Cyrus,
d)      Kristen Stewart.

9) At least 2 children in NZ each week swallow what dangerous item?

a) Chicken bones,
b) Marbles,
c) False fingernails,
d) Button Batteries. (answer) d)

10) Who is this?

a)      Formula one driver, Brendon Hartley, 
b)      Motorcross champion, Levi Sherwood, (answer) b)
c)      Freeski champion, Jossi Wells,
d)      Surfer, Maz Quinn.

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  1. haha lol charlie u got the one that u said gangnam style wrong!