Sunday, 4 November 2012



1)  What disaster devastated parts of the USA last week?
a) A hurricane                                                                           Hurricane.
b) A bushfire                                     
c) An earthquake                                       
d) A Tsunami                                               

2) Sculptures of what have been placed on top of  the NZ Post building?                          
a) Hobbits                                                                                 Hobbits 
b) Native trees
c) Native birds
d) Rugby players

3) A giant trampoline has been constructed as a fun way of crossing which river?
a) The Waikato River
b) The Ganges River
c) The River Thames
d) The River Seine                                                                   The River Seine

4) This month is ‘Movember’ in which men can get sponsored for doing what?
a) Mowing lawns
b) Shaving their heads
c) Growing a moustache                                                        Growing a moustache
d) Doing all the housework

5) What is significant about the number 4 444 444?
a) It was the NZ population last Thursday                            It was the NZ population last Thursday
b) It is the Lotto Powerball Jackpot
c) It is 1st prize for the  2012 Melbourne Cup winner
d) It was the number of people without power following Hurricane 

6) Which country is having an election this week?
a) Australia
b) The United States of America                                          The United States of America
c) France
d) Israel

7) Which fruit crop in NZ is at risk from a disease called Psa-V?
a) Strawberries
b) Apples
c) Grapes
d) Kiwifruit                                                                          Kiwifruit

8) Why was this picture in the news recently?
a) A clown convention was held in Mexico                        A clown convention was held in Mexico
b) 45% of people are scared of clowns
c) A clown school has opened up in Nelson
d) Clowns sleep longer than other people

9) Wellington Phoenix footballer, Ben Sigmund, received a red card when playing which team last week?
a) Brisbane Roar
b) Perth Glory
c) Adelaide United                                                             Adelaide United
d) Newcastle Jets

10) Last week, a 7.7 earthquake hit the Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of which country?
a) Finland
b) Canada                                                                         Canada
c) England
d) United States of America

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