Sunday, 11 November 2012


1) Disney has recently purchased which movie 
a) Toy Story (Answer)
b) Star Wars
c) Lord of the Rings
d) Transformers

2) Which popular sporting event was cancelled last week?

a) The Indy 500
b) The Melbourne Cup
c) The New York Marathon (Answer)
d) The America’s Cup

3) This elephant has recently made headlines because it can…

a) Speak Korean
b) Shoot water 500m from its trunk (Answer)
c) Walk on eggshells without breaking them
d) Hum the tune to ‘Lion King’

4) Who was elected president of the US last week?

a) Barack Obama
b) Mitt Romney (Answer)
c) Hillary Clinton
d) John Key

5) The world’s rarest whale has been sighted in NZ. What is it called? 

a) The Spade-toothed beaked whale
b) The Sei whale (Answer)
c) The Bowhead whale
d) The Sowerby’s beaked whale

6) Which NZ company has just been taken over by Chinese company, ‘Haier’?

a) The Warehouse
b) Kathmandu
c) Fisher & Paykel 
d) Whitcoulls (Answer)

7) The winning horse in last week’s Melbourne Cup was…

a) Phar Lap
b) Fiorente
c) Jakkalberry
d) Green Moon

8) History was made when a man climbed 103 floors of a sky scraper with …

a) A transplanted heart
b) Eye implants
c) An iron lung
d) A bionic Leg

9) What is the NZ Baseball team called?
a) The Black Bats
b) The Black Sox
c) The Diamond Blacks
d) The Black Knights

10) Last week the Royal Commission made 16 recommendations following which NZ tragedy?

a) The Pike River mine explosion
b) The Christchurch earthquakes
c) The Carterton hot air ballooning accident
d) The Foveaux Strait fishing tragedy

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